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Bob and Judy Brown have been performing at Birthday Parties in the Metropolitan Washington area for over 55 years. Thousands upon thousands of children have experienced the sheer silliness and boundless energy of a Bob Brown Birthday party Show.

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Our 3 birthday shows, CLOWNING AROUND, TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC and BABY BEARS BIRTHDAY both offer entertainment specifically designed for youngsters between the ages of 3 and 7 and bring all the excitement and feats of skill and daring usually found only under the BIG TOP. We perform a Variety Show format rather than a story show because youngsters of this age are so excited by simply attending a birthday party you can scrape them off the ceiling.

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Clowning Around or Baby Bear Birthday Parties!

Children sit on the floor in a large half circle while we manipulate the marionettes (Puppets on Strings) within the open part of the circle. The puppets can actually walk right up to the children and sit in their laps. Children are invited to teach the clown how to roller-skate, push the clown on the flying trapeze, or catch the ball from our jolly juggler.

Make this a birthday party to be remembered and treasured forever!

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