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Dizzy Delaney

April 25, 2003

I want to put in writing that I got and continue to get absolute rave reviews on Bob and his show. Even the adults who came as friends of the family who had no kids are raving! Everyone who came to the party whom I've since spoken with start the conversation with some form of "That puppet guy was fantastic! Really, really great!" And, as you'll see from the photo, the kids were enchanted and besides themselves with laughter.

Also, Bob and his show is the only (ONLY) kids' show, character, entertainment, etc that my 4-yr old son has ever, so far, responded positively to -- and that response was complete glee -- both times (at the party we "discovered Bob at, and our own party).

Thanks again for your wonderful entertainment
at our party.

Colleen (Wei)

April 2003

Dear Bob & Judy Brown,
Just a note to thank you for making Matthew's day so special! He was so thrilled to have Bob Brown do his "Clowning Around" puppet show for his birthday! And he has been doing all the routines from the show! He especially likes the fishermans puppets Marmaduke and the one
without clothes.

Thanks you so much!
I hope to see you soon!

Love, Matthew & Family

The children sit in a half circle as Bob's marionettes perform directly in front of them! So close, the puppets can even sit in the children's laps and maybe . . .Kiss them on the nose!


Delores and Bennie BirdBrain


Master Puppeteer Bob Brown's brand BIRTHDAY PARTY SHOW CLOWNING AROUND is filled with his trademark bright, colorful clowns and circus animals performing specifically for your special BIRTHDAY BOY or GIRL. The perfect entertainment for youngsters between the ages of four and seven years old!

Photo taken during a recent
performance of Clowning Around

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