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Master Puppeteer Bob Brown. has been acknowledged as one of the nations leading performers and puppet builders.
His charming style and delightfully colorful characters are instantly recognizable to three generations of fans.

Bob has always sold his wonderful, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted puppets at National Puppetry Festivals where puppeteers line up hours before the Puppetry Story opens to make sure they'll get first dibs from his latest stash of merry marionettes, marvelous mouth puppets, rod puppets, and black-theater/bunraku figures.

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The puppets on this site have already been sold and are simply a representative sample of the fifteen-hundred or so puppets Bob has sold over the years. If you see a puppet you like, Bob can duplicate the figure to some degree, but remember each puppet is made to order and hand crafted specifically for each buyer.
Occasionally there will be figure(s) that are FOR SALE at the moment. Simply click the FOR SALE NOW! icon to see what puppets are available right now.

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