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By Pady Blackwood

Fall 1993

Recently, I was hired to conduct a series of puppet making workshops at a Fine Arts Center. A few weeks prior to this engagement, I saw this video advertised in the DC Puppetimes newsletter. I immediately ordered a copy, for I knew that if veteran puppet designer Bob Brown had put it together, it would be chock full of creative ideas and clever helpful hints on how to put these figures together. I am happy to report that I was not disappointed. In fact, my advice to any teacher of puppetry or amateur puppeteer would be to hasten to order this video for his or her library. Anyone who conducts classes in puppetry will be inspired by the endless tips offered here. My trips to the supermarket have not been the same since viewing this video. In fact, before I buy a new bottle of bleach, dish washing liquid, or laundry detergent, I "compare" the bottle to see which one will make a better horse, clown, or space creature! I'm building up quite a new repertoire.

In an entertaining, instructive way, Bob presents his series of "how to" techniques so that with instructor or parent help a cild can produce a finished puppet in a short time without having to work with messy glues or Long drying paper mache methods. Bob is also wise to point out several times on the video that certain tools are better suited for use with adult supervision. A short workbook also accompanies the video which offers some staging tips and performance suggestions. In fact, I would really like to see a sequel to this video that would concentrate on the performance possibilities of these simple and inexpensive puppets. Could video number two be far behind? I hope not. Beauregard's Bottle Buddies received a Finalist Award at the 1992 Telly Awards under the "How To" category. It is available for $19.95 plus $4.00 postage and handling from Bob Brown Puppets.

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