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Ziggy and his bright blue balloon

Clowning Around is Bob's most popular production and will leave your young audience shouting with laughter as his merry marionettes perform feats of skill and daring usually found only "under the big top"! This show is a continual changing collage of clever clowns who juggle, sail through the air on a flying trapeze, roller skate, blow up balloons, and cavort their way into your hearts. Fun and fantasy, mirth and merriment, laughter and amazement all mixed together to the sound of a jolly circus band. All Ages!

Gus on the Flying Trapeze!

Corky the Make-up Clown

Dizzy Delaney

Bongo and his Balance Beam

Big, bright, bold marionettes, and
marvelous manipulation,
make this a high-spirited event your
young audience will long remember!

Delores and Bennie BirdBrain
Lucy Goosey and her Jolly Juggling!

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