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Carnival of the Animals . . .
Performed with enormous puppets on a full-scale theatrical set. The "heart" and focus of CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS are the musical segments that make up Camille Saint Saen's playful masterpiece. A GRAND ZOOLOGICAL FANTASY with a narrator.

Remember the frustration of trying to master endlessly repetitive piano scales? Remember wishing the lessons weren't so boring? Remember day-dreaming about running away to the circus?

Our "Grand Zoological Fantasy" begins when a young boy, giving up on his piano practice, crawls into bed and falls asleep, clutching his stuffed lion. He has left his radio on and we hear "CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS" in concert. Suddenly, the toys in his room magically come to life as the various themes are played.

Beginning with a regal, king-sized, somewhat pompous royally-robed lion, we also meet a 7 foot kangaroo magician who can find everything imaginable in her pouch (except her baby), a dancing dinosaur skeleton, a school of flourescent fish, a graceful ice skating swan, a cuckoo playing peek-a-boo with a big tom cat, and many other enchanting creatures.

"CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS" is perfect for your Youth or Family Concert Series. The charming, oversized puppets, props and scenery, all enhanced by special lighting effects, provide a spectacular visual interpretation of Saint Saens' most enduring and endearing work.


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